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Our thoughts and prayers go out to Shawn Jones’ family and The Believers.

The thought of knowing I will never hear you sing "Stay", "Undertaker Man", "Worthy" and "Depending" again; Or you hollering Little O when u see me approaching you for a hug; or even hear that laugh you do in the middle of your songs while you tapping your foot on the floor and grooving to the beat is devastating.

You'll be in another state by the weekend." And you laughed and said "you bout right." If only then I knew that would be my last time talking to you I would have hugged you a little longer or remembered to take a picture with you.

You're passing has not only devastated the ones that know you, not even just the people of Alabama, but hundreds and thousands around the country. @theshawnjones85 Sing It Fellows, "When I Leave This World, To Return No More!

Its hard to wrap my head around the thought that I will never see your smile again.

I was just joking and talking to you Tues telling you "You need to sit down somewhere" and your response with a big grin was "I promise I'm going to slow down lil cuz" and we both laughed and I said, "No you won't.

They travelled the country and performed in several venues.

On Saturday (November 18), Jones was performing with the quartet at Pensacola, Florida.

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Baldwin arrived at the party with Jenner and Justine Skye, while Kim Kardashian West (dressed as Selena Quintanilla), Kourtney Kardashian and her boyfriend Younes Bendjima showed up separately.

Jenner’s boyfriend Blake Griffin also partied alongside the reality star but the couple kept their PDA to a minimum.

However, “Kourtney and Younes looked adorable together,” says the source.

You had such a loving spirit that people enjoyed being in the presence of and a beautiful talent that touched many hearts.

The 36-year-old-star announced on his Instagram that he has married his Taiwanese model girlfriend, Sarah Wang, 29.Growing up you from those First Baptist Days in the choir knowing you were related to me and seeing you achieve so much in life made me proud to say you were my cousin.