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08-Nov-2017 11:45

Who is going to be out walking in filthy weather looking out to sea??? Dear Editor, Interesting article and bound to say that I agree with the thrust of it – flares have had their day and are more trouble and expense than they are worth.Pyrotechnics have had their day, but I believe France insists in them being carried and out of date ones invite a fine! Essentially, rather than spending money on time expired and then hard to safely/legally dispose of flares, items which in any case are dangerous to the user, it is better to buy an EPIRB, PLB and a powerful torch in the absence of deck lighting.Pyrotechnics could be a fall-back system in the event of total loss of power, but I have invested in an EPIRB with its own inbuilt battery.That does not rely on someone being in sight, seeing a flare of relatively short duration.وېشتل (لكه په ګولۍ يا غشي) ډزكول، واركول: اچول (لكه رڼا): پورې وهل، ټېل وهل: په تراټ وتل (يا پورې وتل): عكس اخيستل: تېرېدل توغېدل ( لكه غشى )، ګوزارېدل: خلاصيدل، ايله كېدل: وار كيدل: ويشتل كيدل: راوتل: ټوكيدل، نيښ وهل: فلم ډكول , for I have a natural turn with a rifle, which must have been handed down from generation to generation, as, our holy commandments tell us, all good and evil gifts are bestowed; though I should be loath to answer for other people in such a matter.Last month, we asked the pertinent question of whether flares were redundant and were inundated with responses.

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Dear Editor, It seems to me as someone who has a coded boat that we should start with the commercial vessels code and other recreational boating should follow that lead.

The need for flares is obviously redundant if there is an alternative means of raising assistance in an emergency situation.

Codes of practice should in my view call for either flares or and EPIRB or PLB and this would I believe naturally move flares to the least popular choice e.g.

many boaters would prefer to carry an EPIRB rather than flares but as flares are mandatory they often will not buy both.

We should be encouraged to carry an EPIRB or PLB in preference to flares.Years ago, sailing club members were encouraged to let off old flares under supervision at the end of the season, so that everyone knew what to expect and how to use them safely in an emergency.