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Checking their notes, the reporters said Corll had once been a resident of the Heights, where he had helped his mother run a small candy factory on West Twenty-second Street. Scott grabbed her husband’s hand and said, “Oh, Mark.

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On April 20, 1972, her seventeen-year-old son, Mark, a blue-eyed kid whose cheeks dimpled when he smiled, walked out the front door of that house and was never seen again. They got in their car and roamed the streets, peering down alleys and stopping at the local drive-in restaurants. Their son, who was only a junior in high school, had left for Austin without saying a word?

All of the Heights victims had gone missing between December 13, 1970, and July 25, 1973. How, Capote and everyone else wanted to know, was it possible that so many boys could have been snatched away from one working-class area of Houston, a mere two miles wide and three miles deep, without anyone—police, parents, neighbors, teachers, or friends—snapping to what was happening?

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