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It's obvious from viewing that that your seem to love being on tour more than anything else... That's where I'm having the most fun and my career, much to the annoyance of others, has always been guided more by how much fun I'm having than anything else. Usually, as I do stuff with the audience, I don't have that added pressure of having a pre-planned idea of how a show will start.

Compared with many other comics I've seen live, you seem to get into your stride right away. Comedians that do that go out and hope that the audience gets into it early on, but I never have any idea of how my show is going to start, so it's not really a problem.

Have you ever found that the interaction has turned into audience heckling, as I guess it's a fine line between letting the audience in and them trying to take over the show...

Now and again you'll get an audience that gets out of hand but there again that's part of fun of it, you know?

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I've always marvelled at comics who go out and say their first line, as I've never been able to do that.One of the UK's most talented and unique live acts, he's perhaps most famous for the rambling stream of consciousness that marks him out as different from almost any other comedian on the circuit right now. It's a 2,000 seater concert hall and its ram-packed every night.