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To violate a Vestal Virgin’s vow of chastity was to commit an act of religious impurity ( or major deities (the Roman equivalent of the Greek Olympian gods): Jupiter-Juno, Neptune-Minerva, Mars-Venus, Apollo-Diana, Vulcan-Vesta, and Mercury-Ceres.

Many religious festivals, such as the Liberalia, Floralia, and Lupercalia, to say nothing of the banned Bacchanalia, incorporated an important element of sexuality.

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The historian Livy (59 BC-17 AD) upheld the legendary figure of Lucretia as the epitome of , and it is possible that her rape and subsequent suicide are an allegorical tale constructed to uphold Roman values and justify the rise of the Republic from the dunghill of the monarchy.The Romans sought to control female sexuality to protect the family and, by extension, social order, prosperity, and the state.