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Mc CUTCHEON How to Subscribe to The North American Journal of Psychology All subscriptions are on a calendar year basis only. 3, No.l Sense of Humor in Black and White 1 James A. "Yes," says the first one; the officer asks the second one if he wants a blindfold, and he says yes. Participants were given an individualized plan developed by a reading specialist, designed to help them reach a desired reading skill over the five- week study period, which is typical of traditional methods used to improve reading. Of particular concern was the fact that the four factors did not correspond well to Personal Com- mitment, Facilitative Conditions, Counselor Expertise, and Nurturance, respectively: according to Harmon’s coefficient of congruence; cor- respondences were .56, .36, .51, and .36 for the four pairs of factors, respectively. Church attendance was measured by asking” Do you usually attend church once a week or more, a few times a month, or a few times a year or less? In general, the occurrence of reciprocity usually takes the form of the reciprocation of either positive or negative actions. Reciprocity in United States-USSR relations: Multiple symmetry or issue linkage? Interdependence and cooperation in foreign policy behavior: A comment on Vincent. If you order late in the year, the earlier issue will be sent to you. Asked if he wants a blindfold, the third one turns it down, at which point the second Jew leans over and whispers: "Moishe, stop making trouble" (p. This is a classic example of humor in which the participants are coping. The primary dependent variable of interest was outcome success. Further, the factors we extracted seemed to represent amalgams of client attributes, counselor attributes, and process and outcome; the factors seemed to lack psychological coherence. Dimensions of perfectionism in unipolar depression. ” Those who said they attended church once a week or more were defined as “frequent churchgoers.” Those who said they attended “a few times a month” were defined as “occasional churchgoers.” Those who said they attended church a few times a year or less were defined as “non- churchgoers.” Procedure Participants were selected using the following procedure. Of course, the reciprocation of positive actions more than the reciprocation of negative actions IS indicative of cooperative behavior. American Journal of Political Science, 30{2), Dixon, W. Valliant (1977) calls humor the most elegant of the defenses. In this study, participants described religious and spiritual experiences similarly, although religious experiences were described in somewhat more positive terms than were spiritual experiences. REFERENCES ERIC Nielsen & Stevens CHRISTIAN-MUSLIM RELIGIOUS 87 Bums, D. There is a relationship between goal commitment and the willingness to exert effort: all other variables being constant, outcome success depends upon goal commitment and effort (Guth & Mac Millan, 1986), thus Hypothesis 8 : Hg.' Goal commitment has a positive effect on implementation effort. Accuracy and latency of judgment of facial expressions of emotions. Further, the EAC-B has been reported to diverge from measures of student developmental task, psychological problems, and counseling readiness (Tinsley, Hinson, Holt, & Tinsley, 1990, 1992). Similarly, Leege and Kellstedt ( 1993) found that religion influenced the political behavior of large groups of voters, and Lopatto (1985) argued that theology based on religious affiliation served as a sieve through which voters filtered and evaluated their political world. Freud (1916) would have argued that this is the highest form of coping. 1 can say things in such a way as to make people laugh. It would be desirable in future research to ascertain the distinction, if any, that people make between “religious” and “spiritual” experiences. Nigerian Journal of Guidance and Counseling, 2, 95-102. A cross-cultural comparison of the need for uniqueness in Malaysia and the United States. Transferring a decision into implementation effort requires an appropriate level of commitment (Wemham, 1987; Milliken & Vollrath, 1991) . Discriminant validity has been demonstrated in a factor-analytic investigation of seven instruments comprising 33 subscales and 23 dimensions of counseling, from which two sets of factors were extracted: three factors pertaining to expectations about counseling and three factors pertaining to perceptions of counseling (Hayes & Tinsley, 1989). Jalen (1998) demonstrated that religious affiliations and beliefs affect a wide variety of political attitudes and activities. Shellady Age-discrepant Relationships: Do These Romances Fare Well? More usual is the type of article written by Aznam (1989), which points out that humor is a social lubricant that allows people of different races to get along better by laughing at themselves, but without any data presentation or analysis. Because of the difficulty of creating questionnaire scales that apply equally well to diverse religious traditions, adjectives such as those used in these studies might enable researchers to begin to compare people’s experiences in spite of the vast doctrinal differences that exist. The limited research suggests that computer-generated material influences decision confidence (Freeman, 1984; Huff, 1986). Means, standard deviations, and coefficient a‘s of psychological variables are displayed in Table 1. A construct validation study of the Expectations About Counseling Questionnaire. H 3 ; Frequent church-goers will report seeing more information about Y2K in the media than will non-churchgoers. Alternative models of responsiveness in international negotiation.

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That is, while many Blacks no doubt use coping humor on a daily basis, it would be as improper to draw this as a racial or cultural stereotype for African Americans as it would be to do so for Americans of European heritage. Whether and how changes in decision confidence resulting from the use of computer- generated plans influence outcome success is unknown. Masking the fece: Recognition of emotional facial expressions as a function of the parameters of backward masking. Coefficient a‘s generally indicate high internal consistency of each sub-scale. H 5 : Frequent church-goers will make more preparations for Y2K than will non-churchgoers.

One would be hard-pressed to say that there is a characteristically "black" coping humor; one might argue that the African American population is so culturally diverse as to be difficult to compare it to smaller, more socially cohesive groups in this regard. 1 can ease a tense situation by saying something funny. Likewise, self-generated output, with or without the help of a computer-based system, has been shown to affect confidence in the output (Northcraft, & Earley, 1 989). Means and standard deviations on the MPS were similar to those reported for a community sample of 100 males and 99 females (Hewitt, Flett, Tumbull-Donovan, & Mikail, 1991); means and standard deviations on the subscales of the EAC-B closely resembled those reported in 40 undergraduates reared in the United States (Yuen & Tinsley, 1981). H 4 : Frequent church-goers will have more interpersonal discussion about Y2K than will non-churchgoers.

Seen cutting the grass, a white neighbor asks him what he charges to mow a lawn. Consistent with Bonoma and Clark's (1988) METHOD ERIC Bingi, Tumipseed, & Kasper BEST LAID PLANS 97 recommendation, both objective and subjectivemeasures of implementation effort and outcome success variableswere recorded. Coefficient a‘s of the subscales were generally high; M = .76, range = .68-. Zero-order correlations with one-tailed tests of significance were calculated between the three dimensions of perfectionism and the 17 subscales of Expectations About Counseling. Perfectionism in the self and social contexts: Conceptualization, assessment, and association with psycho- pathology. Second, 8,000 names matched with telephone numbers were randomly selected in clusters of twenty names, and these were apportioned into the six geographical areas. For example, Larson's (1988) study of reciprocity in superpower relations found that positive actions or favors will be reciprocated only after a state's evaluation of the actual and perceived value of a response.

The reply: "I get to sleep with the lady of the house." While it is healthy to laugh at our prejudices, some 9 Thorson, Powell, & Samuel Humor in Black and White 3 Blacks and Whites alike might take exception to such a jest; racial sensitivity is such in both cultures as to make joking less acceptable. The objectivemeasures of outcome success and goal-setting behavior were based on the Nelson- Denny Reading Test (NDRT) (1981). Of the 51 correlations, 12 were significant at or beyond the .05 level. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 60, 456-470. Third, names were randomly selected from that list, contacted by telephone, and asked if they would participate in the survey. "The motives perceived to underlay another state s proposals affect whether it is viewed as a concession and shape the formulation of response" (p. There are many theoretical ex- planations for reciprocity. Attribution, social categorization and intergroup representations.

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